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A 14 lesson program where you’ll be guided through the most profound and transformational self-love exercises so you can realize your divine perfection and (finally) start loving the f*ck out of yourself!

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Radical Self-Love is launching March 27th!

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    >>> Lesson 1 : Intention

    Being willing and setting the intention to (finally) love yourself
    ($75 VALUE)

    A little bit of willingness goes a long way. Here is where you make the pledge to love yourself like you have never been loved before.

    >>> Lesson 2 : clarity

    Clarifying what self-love looks like to you
    ($75 VALUE)

    Reaching the destination of radical self-love means first getting clear about what self-love actually looks like to you!

    >>> Lesson 3 : discovery

    Discovering your “love language”
    ($75 VALUE)

    Discover your personal “love language” (aka how you give and receive love) so you can learn exactly how to better love yourself.

    >>> Lesson 4 : release

    Identifying and Releasing self-loving conditions
    ($75 VALUE)

    If “I’ll love myself when…” is a common thought of yours, then you’ve got self-loving conditions that are blocking your love from flowing freely. Time to identify what those are so you can say “bye bye” for good!

    >>> Lesson 5 : Forgive

    Forgive yourself
    ($75 VALUE)

    When you can honestly forgive yourself, you free yourself and open up the floodgates to love.

    >>> Lesson 6 : Perspective

    See yourself through the eyes of God
    ($75 VALUE)

    There is a part of you, call it your “soul“, call it your “higher-self”, that already has unconditional love for you. Here you will connect with this part so you can see yourself the way that God sees you, as 100% perfect, worthy, and enough, just the way you are.

    >>> Lesson 7 : question

    What would someone who loves themselves do?
    ($75 VALUE)

    One of the quickest and most profound ways to start loving yourself is to tap into your intuition and pose the question… “What would someone who loves themselves do?” And then do that!

    >>> Lesson 8 : feel

    Feeling into your heart
    ($75 VALUE)

    The heart chakra is the ruler of love. When you connect to it, you connect to love. In this lesson, you’ll learn how.

    >>> Lesson 9 : love

    Whatever arises… love that
    ($75 VALUE)

    Learn how to love and soothe yourself through any emotional experience with this profound emotional healing technique.

    >>> Lesson 10 : soothe

    Loving your inner child
    ($75 VALUE)

    There’s a little girl inside your heart waiting to be noticed, heard, and taken care of. It’s time for you to meet her.

    >>> Lesson 11 : inclusion

    Parts work
    ($75 VALUE)

    We all have many parts and aspects to our personalities. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify, include, love, and embrace all of them (not just the “likable” ones).

    >>> Lesson 12 : connect

    Mirror Work
    ($75 VALUE)

    In this lesson, you’ll connect with your soul through mirror work and self-loving affirmations.

    >>> Lesson 13 : wholeness

    You are enough
    ($75 VALUE)

    You are enough. You have always been enough. And you will always be enough. Period.

    >>> Lesson 14 : adoration

    Love letters to yourself
    ($75 VALUE)

    In this lesson, you’ll write three super important love letters to yourself.


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    join the waitlist !

    Radical Self-Love is launching March 27th!

    In the meantime, join the waitlist and get a FREE list of 21 Self-Love Journal Prompts.