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    Ready to truly love yourself this time?

    If you’ve tried to silence your inner mean girl and hop on the self-love train before but haven’t been able to stay on it, I totally get it and I’m here to help!

    You want to be able to love, accept, and embrace your unique awesomeness without all the inner struggle.

    Start with these free journal prompts!

    That’s why I’ve put together these free 21 Self-Love Journal Prompts, inspired by my new online program, Radical Self-Love.

    Now you can finally start recognizing your divine perfection, silencing your inner mean girl, and loving the f*ck out of yourself.  

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    Download the free self - love journal prompts 

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      Hi , I’m Kelsey !

      And I’m obsessed with helping people own their power so they can win at life!

      Over the past few years, I’ve taught thousands of students through my blog, book, and courses. I live to inspire peeps (just like you!) to design their best lives through personal development and spirituality-made-easy.

      After I climbed out three years of chronic depression myself, I began on my personal self-empowerment quest, and after much success, I naturally ended up here, as a teacher! Teaching all the best techniques and practices I’ve personally used and abused along my journey to a happy and fulfilling life, because… well, they work!

      Lately, I’ve realized that what many people (us women especially) need today in order to live our best, most empowered, lives is a lot more self-love.

      And not just the fake, “Oh, I’m the shit, what’s not to love?” kind of “love”. But genuine, authentic, and real recognition of how beautiful and perfect we already are, inside and out.

      Because when we love ourselves, we tap into our source of power and become truly radiant creatures. That’s why I was inspired to create Radical Self-Love.

      Radical Self-Love is a step, by step online video course where I walk you through all the most profound daily practices for cultivating an authentic and lasting love for yourself.

      I will show you how to realize your natural divine perfection, silence your inner mean girl, and love the crap out of yourself. Once and for all.

      And lucky for you, this worksheet is your first step to cultivating more self-love AND your super special, V.I.P, ticket onto the Radical Self-Love waitlist! So you’ll definitely be the first know when it’s open for enrollment and you might even get a special “early-bird” deal. ;)

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        “Kelsey is the real deal. I’ve watched her transform the lives of so many women. She has done the work on herself, she KNOWS what she’s talking about, AND she’s a GREAT teacher. I always recommend her content and courses to all the women I know, love, and serve.”

        -Lynnsey Robinson, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Women’s Success Coach 

        Radical Self-Love Course Testimonial